O U T S I D E   T H E   S P A C E C R A F T
To commemorate the 50th anniversary of those first two ventures outside the spacecraft, the exhibition presented art, photography, artifacts, and personal accounts that relate to the continuing story of EVA.
Extra-vehicular activity, or EVA—working outside a spacecraft—changed the nature of human spaceflight. It made possible walking on the Moon, servicing the Hubble Space Telescope, and building the International Space Station. It remains crucial to our ongoing presence in space. EVA requires a wearable spacecraft—the spacesuit—and specialized tools for astronauts to survive in the hazardous environment of space.
2015 AAM MUSE Award Winner - Bronze

“A fantastic example of an exhibition site effectively showcasing and engaging audiences with amazing content. The site very effectively brings together archival materials, personals experiences and gives a valuable insight into conserving these unique objects. There are a number of delightful interactive features which add polish to the whole experience.”

*initial comps shown here*
Roles: Site Wireframe; 3D & 2D Designer

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